Indigenous Wisdom Workshops - 4 Part Series
We are blessed and honored to announce a 4-part series of workshops this February with indigenous wisdom teachers Marshall "Golden Eagle" Jack and Camilla Blossom at Creation Flame's sustainable farm near Austin TX, Awesome Hollow.
Light Ignition Membership Event - Jan 26th
Take your interest in Creation Flame's mission to heal the world through doing and being awesome to the next level!
A Flow Class for Recently-Arrested Youth by Alex Barbour
  In October 2012, Creation Flame's Outreach Coordinator Alex Barbour started a theraputic poi-spinning class for kids in juvenile detention in Austin.  Listen to her describe how this awesome class came into being in her own words.
Journey into Permaculture: The Optimal Path
Is efficiency-minded Permaculture about elegant design, laziness or something else?
Journey into Permaculture: Composting the Shadow
A new 3-bin composting system is built, and a new existential take on composting is born...
Journey into Permaculture: Designing a New Earth
The first post in a new series about Permaculture and its application in Life and at Awesome Hollow.
Last weekend, Creation Flame hosted the world's first Flow Arts and Sustainability festival, called Flowstorm, and it was an Awesome success!    

Live Sustainably

Living in harmony with our environment connects us to nature and empowers us to be self reliant.  


Love Fearlessly

Tapping our inner awesomeness and expressing it fearlessly is the art of Flow and the flow of Art.


Heal Naturally

Total health for mind, body and spirit through healthy eating and natural healing methods.


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