Heal Naturally

The ability to Heal is within all of us.

Maintaining a proper diet of fresh organic food and exposure to natural healing methods such as massage and aromatherapy can drastically improve our energetic balance, mood, and overall health.  

Growing our own food, we form a sacred bond with the plants we grow, we eat the freshest, best tasting, and healthiest food there is, and we empower ourselves by providing our own sustainable food source.

By implementing exciting new methods of growing plants efficiently, such as aquaponics and wicking beds, we can ensure our sustainable access to healthy, local delicious food.  Using aquaponics we can grow plants using 90% less water than traditional gardening metods, and get a fish yield as well.  We are putting these systems into place at Awesome Hollow with great results, and we would love to share them with you.

Nature provides abundantly for our health needs when we achieve Harmony and Live Sustainably

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