01 Jun

Burning Flipside 2012

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Last week Creation Flame attended Burning Flipside, a regional art and music festival inspired by Burning Man, where participants create a temporary city called Pyropolis that embraces self reliance, radical creativity, community building, and environmental impact consciousness.  Flipside and "burn events" are near and dear to our hearts not only because of the awesome principles they put into practice, but also because of their power to catapult people into a much deeper knowing of themselves, and provide them with a direct experience of the depth of beauty that human beings are capable of when given a blank slate and free reign.  

A major part of our involvement with the event was through volunteer efforts with the Sanctuary team.  Sanctuary is a sacred space held at the event, where festival-goers who are overwhelmed can go to receive care and support.  Flamekeeper Bunny was the lead of the entire Sanctuary presence at Flipside, and Wesley, Summer and others in the Creation Flame community also volunteered, with Wesley designing the logos and patches.

Perhaps the most awesome part of our presence at Flipside was getting to showcase the Lifetrac, a build-it-yourself tractor that is part of Open Source Ecology's sustainability project called the Global Village Construction Set.  We were able to show the Lifetrac in action to thousands of people, and showcase just how awesome open source machinery can be.  In proper Burning Man style, we outfitted the vehicle with flame effects, a couch that could be lifted into the air, and a visionary paint job.  It was a huge success and we catalyzed a lot of interest and support for Open Source Ecology's projects and our involvement with them.

Thank you to everyone who attended, stayed in our camp, volunteered at Sanctuary, and helped build the Lifetrac... special props to Heather, Cobra, and Aaron, who's combined efforts at the leadup to the festival made the Lifetrac debut possible.  Y'all are awesome and we couldn't have done it without you! 



Wesley Thoricatha

Creation Flame President and Co-founder, Permaculture Designer, Artist
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