19 Aug


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Last weekend, Creation Flame hosted the world's first Flow Arts and Sustainability festival, called Flowstorm, and it was an Awesome success!    

The roster of instructors for the event included internationally renowned spinners such as Ronan McLoughlin, Thom Thumb, Sage, Chris "Rovo" Bailey, Marvin Ong, and others, alongside local sustainability superheroes such as Food is Free, Jenna Jasso of LoveATX, and Creation Flame's own James "Bunny" Slade.  It was an inspiring and educational experience that celebrated both the joy of flow, and the exciting possibilities of living a sustainable lifestyle and growing your own food.

In addition to all of the knowledge festival particpants walked away with, the event was a truly magical community building experience.  People of all skill levels and from different backgrounds felt open to share in their art, wisdom and movement without judgement.  Creation Flame is humbled and honored to hold the space for such an event.  Awesomeness in action!

Be on the lookout for the next Flowstorm in the Winter/Fall of 2013!

Wesley Thoricatha

Creation Flame President and Co-founder, Permaculture Designer, Artist
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