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Journey into Permaculture: Designing a New Earth

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The first post in a new series about Permaculture and its application in Life and at Awesome Hollow.

In August of 2012, Creation Flame hosted a Permaculture Design Course at Awesome Hollow lead by instructor Theron Beaudreau and assistant instructor Chowgene Koay. While I had known about permaculture for a long time through videos, articles, and friends, I had no idea of the immense wave of permaculture fever that was about to overtake me. After going through 2 weeks of intensive instruction, I am now a certified permaculture designer who is genuinely obsessed in the greatest of ways with permaculture, and all of its implications.

Striking me the most about this learning experience was just how profound and far reaching the principles, ethics, and practices of permaculture really are. Here is an image that shows the 3 fundamental ethics and 12 principles of permaculture.

Permaculture designers use these ethics and principles to guide them when designing farms, homesteads, food forests, gardens, land features, and more, but permaculture is also inherently “meta”, meaning these values can be applied to not just to the systems and features, but also to the designers themselves, and all that they do. It essentially is a system for behaving optimally and in harmony with everything else. Isn't that exactly what the world needs right now?


As a lifelong seeker and now spiritual facilitator of Creation Flame services who talks about the New Earth (or New Paradigm or Shift of the Ages) all the time, here in permaculture is the recipe book for creating new earth- literally! And while I could go on and on about what the New Earth is internally- that is, spiritually and psychologically- and there exists a plentitude of people who understand this metaphorically, permaculture offers how to do this tangibly. This includes not just how to grow food abundantly, revitalize soil, build natural efficient homes and use renewable energy sources, but also a holistic methodological approach to have that thriving abundance reach all areas of our lives. The word “Permaculture” is derived from “permanent” and “agriculture”, but even the founder who coined the term, Bill Mollison, himself admitted that he knew from the start it had greater implications as a path towards a permanent human culture. And even the most pacified and status-quo individuals out there now realize that a permanent culture redesign is exactly what we need right now, to replace the systemic machines of destruction that are steering our environment and economy towards the brink of collapse.

Here now is the answer, and it starts with the soil. You could call it a ground-up approach, or even a grass-roots movement, but it would also be accurate to call it a top-down ethical revaluation that sees the forest for the trees and understands where human beings stand on the planetary stage. It shows us how we can integrate with nature optimally, and collectively achieve the goals that every human has- safety, freedom, and self-actualization.

Join me as I integrate permaculture into my own life and the land at Awesome Hollow and beyond. It will be fun- I promise :)

Wesley Thoricatha

Creation Flame President and Co-founder, Permaculture Designer, Artist
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