25 Mar

Empowering Creation Firewalk

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What happens when you combine personal empowerment exercises with sustainable living practices? An unforgettable and magical experience!  

On January 28th, we held a special event at Awesome Hollow called the Empowering Creation Firewalk: A Ritual Retreat Fundraiser.  Activities included board breaking, empowerment exercises, permaculture and sustainability workshops, and more.  Originally we hoped to raise money to bring the Play Immersion festival back to Texas, but even though that goal was not reached, the event was still a great success!!

Thom being a badass

 F.I.R.E. certified instructor Thom Thumb lead many of the workshops, including the culminating event- the firewalk!  Everyone who was there felt uplifted and empowered by the event and had a magically transformative time.  For many participants it was their first time ever walking across hot coals.

 Thank you to everyone who participated!  We may just host another firewalking retreat soon.....

Wesley Thoricatha

Creation Flame President and Co-founder, Permaculture Designer, Artist
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